WTF Is Going On?

I’m not sure I have to write anything here except everything.

We live in a misinformation age that so quickly followed the information age that it is somehow was mistaken for it–we have so much “information” at hand that it may as well be not there at all. Information begins to act in reverse when we go past our point of comprehending it and integrating it into our lives. Even the fact we have so much information at hand has a tendency to move us sideways rather than forward. We become used to surfing information going from one thing to the next without being able to truly orient ourselves in something concrete within our own though processes. So, being used to this, we settle for shallowness since there’s nothing in separate bits of information that allows us to go deeper since the next thing is already beckoning from just beyond our field of vision so what we have just found out doesn’t have the time to tale root. The discipline that comes from reading and digesting material and meditating or brooding on it which takes time and “room” is something I hadn’t really thought about in a long time.  tends to happen far less and our view of life actually narrows since the muscle of our imagination is weaker because we can always re-enforce our “vision” of things through the quick networking of links and connections that happen when we surf. At this point surfing is actually the default method to learn how to think and create our conceptual frameworks particularly if we are young.

We live in a radically different age with a very different brain than at other periods of human history. We have sailed off a continent on which our culture was born, grew and developed, and now we’ve sailed off in some new direction. Whether it is psychedlics, the increased use of other mind-altering substances, or TV, or the visual and audio devices we center around, our brains have changed and we need to realize that and the fact we really don’t WTF is going on not because we haven’t sufficient information but that we can’t focus on that question long enough to get an answer. Or maybe until we get used to thinking in this new way. It will take time.

It doesn’t seem we can go back, the boat has left the shore and the land is receding from view and we are headed for the deep ocean and amazing adventures. Because sailing is new for us we have to just take it as it comes.

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