Bullshit and Cowardice–The Republican Convention

Two evenings halfway watching or listening to the Republican Convention has made me sick of politics electoral style. As many people have pointed out for a long time Emma Goldman’s famous quip is probably true “if voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.” I only think she was half-serious because it was only mainly right in her day–but today it is 100% right. First, the voting system is partially rigged through dozens of different methods from outright fraud to making sure that only two political parties are covered and only the reality both parties assert is, in fact, real.

So the Republican Convention has evolved from a nausea-inducing gathering of lizard-like plutocrats with a sprinkling of Mad-Hatters to a Party dominated by the Mad-Hatters with a sprinkling of plutocrats and nasty little operatives and sleazy pols. In a way it was an improvement since I far prefer crazy people to plutocrats at least you can reason with the insane since at least insanity is a rational response to a toxic culture.

The first evening was dominated by “security” something that raises all kinds of traumatic reactions since most Americans seem obsessed with “security” due to a perverted sense of unconscious irony as in “land of the free and home of the brave” when, in fact, they were displaying sheer cowardice. The most dramatic change in our culture, not just in politics, has been the loss of the virtue of courage. People seem frightened over trivial threats. I see children wearing helmets when they are riding tricycles or bikes with training wheels, “free-range children” are in danger of being taken by the State because they are actually moving around without a parent within six inches of them at all times–or to put it another way, the normal situation people of my generation lived with is now STRICTLY forbidden in many areas along with collecting rainwater and generating your own electricity. This dramatic growth in cowardice and fear I secretly believe may be due to feminism in my more curmudgeony moments (don’t tell my wife or daughters) but more likely it is the result of the growth of the State and its desire to control every aspect of our lives. By exaggerating the threat of crime and in recent years, terrorism or really almost anything remotely dangerous the State acquires ever more power. Strangely the Republicans who are most vocal about criticizing there trends seem also to be the most susceptible. They buy armories of automatic weapons, store huge amounts of ammunition, just to insure that they can survive an attack by jihadis, ghetto dwellers or crazed rednecks on crank.

At any rate all the cheers came on that first night were for those that were certain that by giving the police and military absolute power to kill enemies domestic and foreign we would, finally, be “safe” in our national prison. This was the political party that once gave refuge for libertarians! And now they are just as much for a nanny state as the Democrats except their nanny is skin head in armor and an attitude. Mary Poppins need not apply to either party. The only speech that seemed intelligent and genuine was that of Senator Sessions who actually seemed to be someone capable of thought that came from the neocortex. His points were drowned out in complete silence perhaps his concepts were too complex for the Mad Hatters but I was surprised because Trump had made some of the points Sessions made that maybe killing everyone but our bestest buddies in the world may not be the best course of action as the best imitation I’ve seen of Anthony Perkins in the movie Psycho I’ve yet seen Senator Cotton seems to believe.

One of the points that everyone seems to make is that the Iran deal is the worst made in history blah-blah. That’s total Bullshit and dictated by the Israeli lobby completely. They always go on to say that Iran is the biggest supporters of Islamic Terror in the world. Huh? How does that make sense? Well, that’s because Americans don’t know that there is a difference between Shia and Sunni Islam and don’t know that Iran is helping their ally Syria ISIS and Al-Nusra (Al-qaida). Iran is not the largest purveyor of terror in the world! Islamic terror is almost purely a SUNNI movement and always has been and the main supporter is the Saudi Kingdom! This is the sort of bullshit that is being slung around at the RP Convention and will be slung around at the DP Convention. I would say that most of what has been said at the RP Convention is a lie told, mainly, by people who know it is a lie–like Senator Tom Cotton–psycho-killer, quesque c’est (for you Talking Heads fans).

The best part of the Convention so far for me was a speech by Dana White the President of the UFC who gave a heart-felt and warm endorsement of Trump as a man an opinion shared by the only person I knew (don’t hang with him anymore) who actually knows Trump very well. I respect real warriors and, particularly, martial artists and I tend to give them the benefit of the doubt about character at any rate. The only speech I want to hear is Trump’s and his daughter Ivanka who may well be the most interesting person at the convention and could well be the most powerful person in a Trump administration.


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