I was favorably impressed by Trump’s speech before the Republican Convention. and even more impressed by his daughter Ivanka who I’ve always felt was the key to this race. His family is a testament to Trump’s virtue. By “virtue” I do not mean that he subscribes to high moral values you or I might agree with–virtue means strength and it seems to me Trump has that. He started out with virtually no chance to win the nomination against a political dynasty and other contenders in a high stakes political arena where nearly every major media outlet and power-player was against him. He prevailed! This means something very profound is going on in our culture. The Bernie  movement is also an indication of that but he did not prevail because he was not prepared to play hardball against one of the most potent and nasty political machines in the country. Some believe he is yet another bait-and-switch candidate to flim-flam the weak and credulous “left” in this country but I believe he is the genuine article, a decent citizen politician of the ideal type. Trump is not that. He is a fighter, a hustler, a manipulator, and a trickster. He is focused on winning–Bernie, poor man, doesn’t play to win but only to influence.

The media is filled with bullshit stories about Trump being narcissistic, a sociopath, serial liar, a monster who hates women, gays, blacks, Hispanics and so on. Looking at the evidence I see that these are all propaganda by a desperate power structure that is not confident it can control Trump–I don’t buy this narrative (or any narrative the mainstream puts out), in fact I think the accusations are self-fulfilling prophesies by establishing false values based on the worst kind of political correctness that aims primarily at stifling thought and discussion–it is a direct tool invented by mainstream punditry to make sure that anyone that colors outside the lines THEY set is a heretic. Political correctness is one of the main pillars that has destroyed the energy, passion and power of the left and moved it away from class-struggle which defines the left (i.e., the struggle against the oligarchs) to the fatal attraction of “identity politics” where, de facto, you establish a patronage system for favored groups and, at the same time, set up conflicts between ethnic and cultural groups. The American left has, by focusing on identity and the culture wars, has divorced itself irrevocably from the white working class which is constantly and consistently demonized and ridiculed by mainstream culture–particularly the phony hipster culture of NYC and LA; first, these people aren’t “hip” in the way we used to mean it–they are mainly fashionistas and adopt their “look” and stances that are fashionable; second, they aren’t on the left because they are part of the privileged class who, with some exceptions, get their money from the corporate oligarchs and are always answerable to them.

So what is Trump about? He is a nationalist who understands, as I do, that the major struggle of our time is between the forces of globalization and The Empire (the NWO) centered in Washington that intends to substitute the modern too-big-too-fail corporation at the center of political power in place of the nation-state. That’s the grand historical force we are seeing develop. Clinton is on the side of the Empire, Trump on the side of the nation–he has stated over and over again that this country comes first and I agree. So he is opposed to identity politics, illegal immigration (the only reason it exists is because the corporate oligarchs want to reduce wages, benefits and to make for more unpleasant working conditions for the lower orders. Sadly, Trump also embraces the anger and nativism of the ignorant and fearful who, due to the torrent of lies that come out of the mainstream media that give the people a vision of the world based on absolute fantasy. But what else can he do? He had to find purchase in one of the two political parties and had to cater, like a good Machiavellian, to the prejudices of his constituency.

As an old leftist I do not agree with much of what Trump wants. I find his Law and Order rhetoric too harsh but I sympathize with his requirement for order and rule of law. If he went further and talked about how our justice system in unjust and, basically, for sale I’d like it better. If he would declare that the many people killed by police should not have been killed because of cowardly and dishonorable actions by police–then I’d support him–but he needs the support of police and the lovers of uniforms. His view of Israel and Iran is terrible and based on fantasies and he needs to do that to please Adelson and others in the FP community, again sensible but it still stinks. The trouble the left has with Trump is that he is rich, well, sorry but the left gave up on the struggle when it embraced political correctness, culture wars, and identity politics so the rich naturally have ALL the power at this time such that only a rich person can possibly change things as we can easily see from the plight of Sanders–he had no chance.

As for his attitude towards Muslims, it makes sense because the common people share his concern. Until the left decides to accurately describe terrorism as coming in large part from Saudi Arabia (not Iran) aided and abetted by U.S. and British intel there is no chance of changing the Narrative.

I have not decided to support Trump and, unless I see some dramatic change in Clinton, I cannot support the Queen of Chaos–her close association with the slimiest of forces in the power-structure Goldman-Sachs and the usual suspects, as well as the neoconservatives makes her, in my eyes worse than Trump. I don’t know what we would get with Trump but I know we would get the most poisonous ruling cadre on earth if we got Clinton.


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