It’s So Cool and So Weird

I guess it’s hard to get away from the election though, at this time, I’m feeling completely fed-up. But something really caught my attention. The absolute hostility of all the propaganda organs and establishment figures towards Donald Trump has become frightening. To put it simply, yes, Trump is kind of ludicrous figure in many ways but the very viscerally hateful reaction of the ruling elites through their “news” media has actually surprised. These little weenies actually are scared now–maybe it’s because Clinton seems to have feet of clay. Opposition to the Clintons by the Republican Party has been sort of weak more like a lot of finger pointing and bellowing without much substance but if we review the case against the Clintons it seem pretty compelling–I don’t want to go into that here but it has only been since a number of leaks supplied by Wikileaks that the level of desperation seems to have risen rather dramatically. Whatever is going on it’s on the level of “this means war” and I’m concerned that what is left of the Republic (not much) will disappear forever.

Trumps attacks are more intense. Trump has questioned the whole imperial policy–and this has freaked a lot of the heavy hitters in Washington–you can talk about socialism or whatever like Sanders did but when you start attacking the family jewels, that is, the whole “security” structure that has resulted in the establishment of an Empire that seeks to control, from Washington, the entire world in an iron grip, is in question–this has not happened since the John F. Kennedy war President and we know how that ended.

In Trump’s speech last night (8-16-16) was amazing because he went outside the box–not that I agree with many parts of his speech other than he called out the establishment for doing nothing about the ghettos (true, neither Democrats nor Republicans have displayed the least interest in being constructive) and for waging wasteful pointless wars–and this is what is upsetting people. A few days back he accused Obama and Clinton of being the source of ISIS while all the uptight “liberals” (they aren’t liberals they are enablers of the ruling elites) were clutching their pearls while my research shows that, indeed, those two and the people around them were the key ingredients to ISIS/ISIL. It is clear that this Middle East policy to destroy secular Arab regimes (Iraq, Libya, Syria) is the official policy of the ruling elites–their goal is to create a Middle East full of Islamic fundamentalists because that assures the Arab world will never have any power over their resources or people. Remember the goal of American policy is not to create peace, democracy, or justice but only to control the whole world through the policy of “full-spectrum dominance” which Hilary Clinton embraces through her neoconservative friends, the Kagans, Michelle Flournoy and so on. In addition she has old Cold Warriors like Henry Kissinger and Madeleine Albright all characters who seek control through coercion. To be fair, this is not just the fault of Clinton or Obama–they are just acting as agents of forces that seek world domination which is subject for another post.

So recent events have caused me to think again about not even considering a vote for Trump. While he has not exactly been a sterling example of good business practices his excesses, if you really look closely at them, while nasty certainly don’t rise to the level of the favorite of the oligarchs, Goldman Sachs and other powerful corporations. I don’t think a thousand Trumps could ever approach the sort of damage caused by say either Exxon Mobil or Monsanto or the dozen or so most powerful corporations. I think Trump’s unpleasant racial statements are helping tensions increase but he’s not responsible for what is and has been there always just unexpressed. And certainly the so-called “left” hasn’t done much for black people other than flim-flam them endlessly and provide patronage for African-American “leaders.”

What is cool is that we are entering a period of major change even while the forces of repression and status-quo look like their power is, yet again, untouchable and we move further away from being a Republic. This change may not be very pleasant but it’s on the way. At the same time I’m struck by the agenda of the powerful–just why are they doing these terrible and wasteful things? Surely it can’t be that most of them are as nasty and evil as they appear. Ruling elites have always been a rough and selfish lot but many of them actually were open to improving the lot of the average person–but not this bunch. It’s almost as if most of the members of the oligarchy are possessed by demons.

This does not mean that Donald Trump is some kind of savior–he’s crude, not very articulate, often makes no sense and gives us easily verifiable falsehoods–but the levels of his lies do not rise to the level of the Narrative created by the corporations who run the mainstream media that is so utterly devoid of reality that only a people who are under a wizard’s spell could possibly believe the bullshit they feed us and that is very weird.

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