Politics Reflects Inner Truths

I think our main task in life is to find inner truth. You can only find it in your own consciousness external narratives can only point the way.

Don’t think that your consciousness is “alone” because it is deeply connected to deeper or wider consciousness. Diving within has its own sorts of dangers we need to be mindful of. First, is the notion that your interior life is “private.” This realization is both bad and good–“bad” because it may be embarrassing to know that other beings can see within you if they want to do that and “good” because you never have to be alone. Assume that all is known. For example, another person may not know precisely what you are thinking but can usually get some “sense” of what you think and your inner character even if, as they usually do, choose to ignore their own more subtle senses. We are socialized to have our psychic abilities tho atrophy–particularly men. To carry on life in the West we must close our inner eyes to what we are doing in order to achieve, with a single focus, some goal. Some of us believe a single focus towards a goal is not the right focus for the healthy expression of human beings. Why? Because a narrow focus obviously limits a good deal of data that could be useful. Much depends on our situation. I think a narrow focus may be necessary at times and then, at a certain point, times change and you may need a broader focus and requires a different mind-set. I think we have clearly reached that point in a general sense. Our narrow-minded focus on ego and personal “achievement” has now become destructive, not just to the Earth but to each of us and I think it is making us sick inside.

The current political campaign is even more interesting than it appears. There is a sense of absurdity to it that is all too obvious unless you deliberately take the Kool-Aid and swim in the fantasy of the election campaign that the great “news” outlets churn out. At this point that “coverage” is a joke. You have now seen the narrow pool the media wants us to swim in close up. More people are beginning to see that the so-called “objective” media is not even close to that (and, really, it is an impossibility). So this election reflects not just the issue of truth in our political life but our own ridiculous attitudes towards life as well.

Now think about this as realistically as you can. We live at a time of amazing technical prowess and our collective scientific knowledge has increased enormously in my lifetime yet, our well-being is actually worse than it was in terms of income security and stress. Many very fine researchers of decades past believed we cold be living in a kind of earthly paradise with low cost energy and food, flying cars, robots and so on. But that’s not how it worked out. So, people, you need to understand why it didn’t work out that way and in order to do that you might need to understand your own life better.

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