Three Things

There are three things that kind of blow my mind:

    • First, is the Power of the world of life-forms. I feel it mainly at night in late summer when a special kind of power seems to come. I think we resonate deeply to that world out there because internally we are a collection of creatures some with and some without our DNA.
    • Second, is the idea of a “self” or consciousness as. This is so obvious and, at the same time, so ignored by most people. If we are a collection of organisms why don’t we see each other as colonies? If that’s what we are then what is a self? Why?
    • Third, scientists mapping brain function found that helping others is as pleasurable as gratifying personal desire and similar findings point to our close connection with other people. But if you stop and think about it for a few moments you realize that if that is true then what the fuck kind of set up are we living in?

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