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We are just a few weeks from the end of the long, slow slog through the American Presidential election circus that seems to extend to almost two years. To me, this has been the most interesting and fascinating election I’ve seen, as I’ve said, since 1968 when most of the real action occurred in 68 with a police riot at the DP convention in Chicago, massive demonstrations, the assassination of two major political figures and a lot of skullduggery all around.
This election has none of the tragic quality and a has been very entertaining. The main issues seem to boil down to emails and sex. Missing from the whole process is a free and open press. Not that the mainstream media was all that free and open but it was at least not completely controlled by the oligarch-class and real journalism did exist in the mainstream media.
I believe 1968 was the year the Deep State made it’s major move and killed two of the most important threats to its rule, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King. These two figures had enormous popular support and had become allies in their quest to usurp the CIA dominated Deep State that killed President Kennedy. This is not some speculation but rooted in clear and convincing evidence supported by decades of careful scholarship by hundreds of researchers. Still, the official Narrative made up facts of the “my dog ate my homework” variety and many people still believe it and all people working in official capacities must believe or be fired.
Spreading the truth about the connection between the Deep State (or permanent government) and the media the Deep State directly runs is critical. Most of what we “know” to be true is mainly false. The United States government does not go into war based on spreading democracy and freedom as even a cursory look at events would show. We currently, for example, are closely allied with nation states that directly fund and train terrorists, i.e., the Gulf States. We claim to be fighting Jihadi terrorists yet we support them in Syria (we’ve supported them and fought them since the 50’s but nobody likes to look at history). We are trying, for no sane reason other than the Saudi’s and Israelis want us to, the secular government of Syria under the Assad family that has kept Syria relatively well-off by regional standards and allowed Syrians to enjoy a multi-religious and ethnic state for many decades with, yes, some very heavy handed authoritarian measures but that is the reality of the world. Why overthrow a stable government there? Why overthrow a stable and fairly benign gov’t in Libya? The reasons for war were clearly lies in both areas. “Rebel” forces were always Saudi-financed Jihadis and mercenaries as they are now–why does the U.S.A. want to pursue these wars?
Of course, I’ve tried to answer these questions but because most people in our country are uninterested in history they don’t follow the history of Empires and the imperial imperative that has been present in European history since the fall of Rome.
Today, we are on the brink of electing a woman for President who intends to re-vivify military adventurism and the Cold War II against Russia and perhaps China. Clinton’s circle includes ardent neoconservative thinkers and activists but this seems to be utterly ignored by pro-Clinton people who post here on FB. Why are you overlooking this? Because Trump is a jerk like every other rich a-hole (most of them are just like him just quiet about what they do in secret) ? That’s all it takes? You want to risk major war and pro-Imperial policies for an ideology you don’t even understand?
I’ve tried to explain the neoconservative ideology and why it is so seductive in Washington. I will here provide a very simple and succinct presis. Neocons believe that the U.S.A. is too anarchic and diverse to rule without a strong common project. The strongest possible uniter is fear of the “other” and permanent war. With permanent war there is always someone to fear. There is always the idea that someone will try and kill you just because you are you: “they hate us for our freedoms.” With permanent war the people are pliable and open to authoritarian rule and authoritarian rule is the key to understanding neoconservativism. The people do not and cannot know what is good for them and thus must be led and coerced. The methods they use and wish to use are deeply rooted in the classic Western tradition and use the techniques of Signor Machiavelli. These people do not favor either political party they only favor the most authoritarian parts of each political party. When you vote for Hilary Clinton you are going to get the most nakedly authoritarian President in recent history who has the support of most of official Washington and an alliance of left and right throughout the community of the ruling elite. Be informed on who you choose to vote for.
As for Trump, he is too flawed to be elected and the power-elite have given their almost unanimous thumbs-down. We like our Presidents to at least to pretend to be virtuous. Trump lies so nakedly and badly that few people can take him seriously. He’s a kind of clown–more of a court jester than a King. I think he’s willing to take on the power-elite but I think he’s not the right guy to do it. Still, he is the lesser of two evils. He favors America in his policies not the Empire. That means he is a nationalist and is opposed to the Imperialist/Globalist agenda and has in his corner people who share that view mainly on the right but also on the left. I hope Trump wins because we need a shakeup–but I don’t think it will happen even if he were to “win” the voting machines are easily rigged and the mainstream media will not report it.
There are more important things than this election and after it we will focus on those things.

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  1. Well, you were wrong about Trump…he’s elected. You may not know it, but some of the God’s people have had him come to the altar. He is a much better person than he was, and we are praying for him. So many are out to get him, even some republicans. I used to be a democrat and voted for Kennedy the first time. I also think FOX News is more truthful, and you do not, because I look up what has happened, and in some cases know people they are talking about. Otherwise, you seem like a very smart person and a good writer.

    1. Fox news, compared to CNN or MSNBC provides us with a broader spectrum of viewpoints so I’ll watch it occasionally but the only one that offers even more (far more) variet of views is RT which I watch the most. It is the ONLY media outlet on TV that allows viewpoints from both the libertarians and the real left. Mainstream news is fake-left and has nothing whatever in common with the real left because it is pro-war and pro-corporate oligarchy.

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